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Meet sweet little Hayley! We have had so many newborns in our Las Vegas studio lately, and most of them have been girls. Hayley was so sweet and such a good little sleeper. It was such a fun newborn session, we got to use some of our new blankets. My favorite image is her in the little pink hat on the cream blanket. 

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It was such a joy photographing Tiffany…she’s absolutely stunning! Tiffany’s maternity session took place in our Las Vegas studio. I love the ones of her in the black lace robe. I really enjoyed meeting them and I can’t wait to photograph their newborn. 

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Bodhi was such a sweet little guy and a pleasure to photograph. We photographed him in our Las Vegas studio. He slept for most of the session. We got to use some of our new boy props and I am dying over the cute little teddy bear hat. I like a lot of images from his newborn session but my favorite is his hanging shot…its pretty perfect!! Enjoy!

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Meet little Avery…He was super cute! We photographed Avery in our Las Vegas studio. He was PERFECT! He stayed asleep for most of our newborn session. I love the image of him in the little bear ears. Its a new hat and probably one of my favorites.

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We have had a ton of newborns in our Las Vegas studio latley. We have been crazy busy! This is little Axel from one of our latest newborn sessions. He was a great little model. He was just over 2 weeks old and as cute as can be! I had a lot of favorites from his newborn session so it was hard to choose what to blog, but here are a few.

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