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Jack was such a pleasure to photograph. We photographed Jack in our Las Vegas studio. His mom brought in the little blue crown and, I’m kind of dying over it. Jack has 3 older sisters so he really is the king! I love when newborn sessions go as smoothly as his did. He slept thru most of the session, only needing to eat once. Here are some of my favs…ENJOY!!!

Jack Blog
Jack Blog2
Jack Blog3
Jack Blog4

Margaret was so cute!! She was such joy to photograph! We photographed Margaret in our Las Vegas studio. It is so nice when previous clients comeback and I get to see how their family has changed and grown. We shoot the wedding of Margaret’s parents a few years back. Since then they now have two beautiful girls. I got the privilege of photographing both of them as a newborn. I think they look a lot alike! I love the first image it looks like she is smiling. It was so hard to choose favorites but here are a few.


I adore this family!!! I first started photographing them when Berlynn was a newborn. Then along came Vaughn and now he is turning one. We photographed them in Nelson, Nevada. Its an old ghost town on the way up to needles. It was so much FUN! At first I didn’t really know what to think, by the end of the session I was in LOVE with all of the textures and surroundings. I now want to photograph my own family up there! There are so many great images to choose from I had a really hard time narrowing it down. I love photographing families and this was a very fun session. Check out some of my favorites!

Vaughn 1 year blog
Vaughn 1 year blog2
Vaughn 1 year blog3
Vaughn 1 year blog4
Vaughn 1 year blog5
Vaughn 1 year blog6
Vaughn 1 year blog7
Vaughn 1 year blog8
Vaughn 1 year blog9

Meet sweet little Ella…we photographed Ella in our Las Vegas studio. She was such a pleasure to photograph. Every newborn is so different and Ella had quite an appetite. She also had a ton of hair! I have never seen a baby with that much hair, and I have seen A LOT of newborns. Ella’s parents are sweet and so in love with their little newborn. Her dad is also into photography, So it was fun to talk shop with him.

She was adorable and extremely loved, I hope you enjoy looking at some of our favorites.