Monthly Archives: February 2009

Here are a few favorites from one of my 3 maternity sessions this weekend.  She is due in 2 weeks- and I can’t wait to meet her new little one.





After 3 weeks off having my son, I am back to shooting and loving every minute of it!

   3 Maternity shoots and 1 baby shoot this week.  Check out this cutie pie….Ariadne at 3 and a half months.  I just adore her! (and her parents are really wonderful too!)




These last few weeks have been really crazy.   I had my baby shower (which was so much fun) on January 17th.  My water broke the next morning around 11:30am.  I went to the Centennial Hills Hospital to see what was going on- and they wanted to transfer me to another hospital because their level 2 nursery wasn’t open yet- and being that the baby would be 5 weeks early- they wanted to take every precaution.  So they take me by ambulance to Mountain view hospital.  They started me on medication to get my contractions started- but after almost 30 hours, nothing happened- so I decided to have a C-section.  Our baby boy arrived on January 19th at 8:30pm.  We named him Rhys (pronounced Reese) Logan Johnson.

  He was really large for being as early as he was- he weighed in at 5 pounds, 13 ounces!  He didn’t require any oxygen- his only issue was eating.  When babies are born so early- they don’t know how to suck correctly.  He was in the hospital for 10 days- and we finally were able to bring him home last week Wednesday!  We finally did a photo shoot with him yesterday- so here are a couple of images: